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ZELIQ's Candy Machine Brand Refresh!

by Laura Patricia


Jun 12, 2024

Why did we Decide to do a Brand Refresh into a Candy Machine?

You might have seen our new logo and wondered, why did we do a brand refresh?

We started our company in January 2023 and, as some may remember, initially we were called Getheroes. Then we decided to change our name to ZELIQ when we launched our company publicly in June 2023. Read more about it here.

Overall, the new name and new branding were well received. So why change?

At ZELIQ, one of our core values is "ship fast, learn, improve, repeat," and this principle guided us when we built our initial branding in under a month. Our first brand theme was astronomy, and it was selected as it was the least risky option considering that we had so little time. However, the astronomical theme is very overused in the startup nation or tech, and it’s also not too relatable, which hindered us from conveying the emotion we wanted to emit from our branding.

We wanted something more unique and appealing to the American market, so we brainstormed new ideas and ultimately chose the Candy Machine.

Welcome to the Candy Machine Universe!

The Candy Machine concept is simple: users put a coin into the machine (ZELIQ app), and outcomes candy (prospects). The candy represents our features, all neatly packaged in one machine/solution. The machine also symbolizes our community, while the candies are our stakeholders (clients, partners, investors, employees, supporters, etc.), showcasing how everyone is an integral part of ZELIQ.

To complete the new branding, we've also refreshed our logo with a bubble gum favicon.

Voice & Tone: Sweet but Confident

ZELIQ's new voice and tone embody a seamless blend of straightforward clarity and motivational drive, designed to resonate deeply with sales professionals. Our communication is friendly and simple, making complex sales technology accessible and easy to understand. We aim to empower our users with a casual yet expert demeanor, ensuring they feel supported by industry experts who speak their language. Efficiency is at the heart of our messaging, reflecting our commitment to providing innovative solutions that streamline sales processes. ZELIQ’s voice instills confidence and inspires action, positioning us as the go-to partner for sales teams aiming to achieve peak performance.

We use a lot of metaphors and similes from candies, like "sweeten your sales experience" and "sugarcoat your prospecting and outreach game," to create a voice that is both sweet and confident. This approach not only makes our communication fun and engaging but also reinforces our commitment to making the sales process enjoyable and effective.

To connect it with ZELIQ, we also felt that since our brand revolved around the word sweet or sugar, we would spell sweet with a Z - “The Zugar you need…” or “Zweeten your…”

Colour Palette

One of the most exciting aspects of the Candy Machine branding is the vibrant color palette it introduces. Initially, our primary color was green, which we loved for its energy and growth symbolism. While we retained green as a core part of our identity, we expanded our palette to include a spectrum of lively colors such as pink, blue, orange, and yellow. These colors are not just visually appealing but also represent the diversity and inclusivity we strive for at ZELIQ. Each color has a purpose and meaning, contributing to a cohesive yet dynamic visual identity that stands out in the market.


Since Green is our primary colour we also kept it as our background & also give include marshmallow for product & multicolour for a more fun marketing announcement.

Mascot and Visual Identity

To optimize the use of the mascot, the candy jar can be used in marketing assets or products with several different expressions. Whether it’s happy, confident, or surprised (for example: to be used for error messages in the product), the candy jar brings personality and relatability to our brand. The candy jar isn’t just a static symbol; it’s a dynamic character that evolves with our brand, reflecting our core values and connecting with our audience on an emotional level.

To complete the new branding, we've also refreshed our logo with a bubble gum favicon.

A Candyland for Sales People

Imagine entering a candy store – vibrant colors, delightful treats, and an atmosphere of joy and excitement. That’s the experience we aim to create for our users. The candy universe is fun and relatable to sales. Each interaction with ZELIQ should feel like finding your favorite candy – satisfying, exciting, and a little bit magical.

Every feature we offer, every solution we provide, is a piece of candy in our machine, designed to delight and empower our users.

The analogy of putting a coin into a machine and getting candy is more than just a fun concept; it’s a metaphor for the value and efficiency we bring to our users. With ZELIQ, every effort you put in translates to tangible, enjoyable results.

Strategic Impact of the Candy Machine Branding

The Candy Machine branding is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic move to position ZELIQ as a leader in the sales and marketing industry. By adopting a theme that is universally loved and instantly recognizable, we make our brand memorable and approachable. The playful yet professional branding helps us stand out in a crowded market, making it easier for us to attract and retain customers.

Moreover, this branding aligns with our mission to make sales and marketing processes as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. The candy metaphor encapsulates our commitment to delivering delightful experiences, whether it’s through user-friendly interfaces, innovative features, or exceptional customer support.

Each piece of candy represents a success, a happy customer, a closed deal – all the sweet outcomes our users achieve with ZELIQ.

Engaging the Community

The candy theme also extends to our community engagement. By visualizing our stakeholders as candies, we emphasize the importance of every individual who contributes to our success. Clients, partners, investors, employees, and supporters – each one is a valuable piece of our candy assortment. This approach fosters a sense of belonging and mutual appreciation, reinforcing our community-centric values.

Future Vision

Looking ahead, the Candy Machine branding opens up endless possibilities for creative campaigns and user interactions. From themed events and promotions to unique content and merchandise, we can leverage this vibrant identity to keep our community engaged and excited. Our vision is to continually evolve and expand our candy universe, introducing new "flavors" and experiences that keep our users coming back for more.

We also have a plan for when we target the mid-large market and want to make our branding more serious or corporate. We can implement several iterations, such as adopting a more serious yet sweet tonal voice, designing the candy machine illustration in low fidelity, or removing the eyes expression from our logo. Ultimately our goal is to come up with a branding which is evergreen and relate emotionally to our ICP (including future ICP) which we managed to achieve.

Visual Showcase




We believe that with this branding, it will bring ZELIQ to a whole new level. Our goal is to make every user feel like they're in candyland, where every prospect and opportunity is a sweet treat waiting to be discovered. This refresh isn't just about a new look; it’s about creating an experience that makes our users feel valued, excited, and integral to the ZELIQ community.

Once again:

Welcome to ZELIQ Candy Machine Universe – We're here to Sweeten Your Sales Experience!

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