ZELIQ Raised $15.4 Million in less than a year. Read here.

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How Did ZELIQ Raise $15.4 Million in Less Than A Year?

by Laura Patricia


Jun 11, 2024

Big News at ZELIQ!

We are beyond thrilled to share that ZELIQ has successfully closed a $10 million seed funding round!  Funded by Exor, well-known for their investments in Qonto, Alan, with support from Resonance, our long-time partner.This amazing achievement boosts our total funds raised in under a year to $15.4 million. 

But the good news doesn't stop there! We're thrilled to officially release Version 1.0 of the Zeliq platform to the world. Our beta version, launched on Product Hunt last November, was extremely well-received, earning us the coveted titles of Product of the Day and Product of the Week. Now, we're ready to deliver the full ZELIQ experience to our rapidly growing user base.

So who are we?

Founded by Dorian Ciavarella and Guillaume Cruz, ZELIQ is Europe's fastest-growing startup in the revenue workspace sector. By combining vast databases with internal company data, ZELIQ offers a powerful platform for virtual sales engagements, driving efficiency and business growth.

The team that makes it all possible!

How are we doing so far?

Despite being less than a year old, ZELIQ has swiftly amassed over 3,000 users globally, without any marketing expenditure. This accelerated user acquisition, driven by our platform's powerful functionality, has garnered attention from more than 40 venture capital firms, solidifying our robust market standing.

Our users have demonstrated high engagement by performing a remarkable 1 000 000 actions within the Zeliq platform over just a single month, validating our solution's effectiveness.

Wanna see what we have achieved in 1 year? Watch our quick 50 second video below:

A few words from our co-founders…

Our co-founders, Dorian and Guillaume, have an ambitious vision to revolutionize the revenue workspace globally, as Dorian puts it:

“Our objective is to become the predominant solution in the global revenue workspace market. This $10million funding round represents a significant milestone in achieving that goal.

Currently, many businesses face inefficiencies and high costs stemming from utilizing multiple disparate tools for sales prospecting, outreach, team collaboration, deal management, and other revenue-related functions. Zeliq aims to resolve these challenges by offering a true all-in-one platform that consolidates these critical capabilities into a unified solution.

Our vision is to provide a centralized workspace where an organization's entire revenue team, spanning sales, marketing, and operations, can seamlessly align and execute their strategies across the entire revenue cycle. Zeliq eliminates the need to juggle various logins, fragmented data sources, and disjointed workflows, enabling streamlined revenue operations at scale.

And we're not stopping at just sales teams. As Dorian explains: 

"We are poised to expand our product capabilities and market presence rapidly, especially targeting the US and other international markets. We position ourselves to build a product that caters to sales reps, but we now serve all revenue-related personas such as growth, sales operations, marketing, etc."

Our COO & co-founder, Guillaume Cruz (left) and Our CEO & co-founder, Dorian Ciavarella (right)

How are we going to spend these funds?

The funds raised will be used to enhance ZELIQ's product offerings and accelerate our market expansion. "We're dedicated to continuous innovation and providing unparalleled value to our users," says Dorian. "This investment will help us cement our position as the leading all-in-one revenue workspace solution globally."

With an established client base in France and the US, comprising 50% and 25% of our user base respectively, we are strategically positioned for international expansion. The remaining 25% of our users span various countries worldwide. 

Our immediate priority is to substantially increase our market share in the US, leveraging this new funding to deepen our reach and influence within this critical market.

What was our winning pitch deck ? 

Sorry to disappoint you folks… no pitch deck was necessary!

With over 40 venture capitalists already expressing interest, our CEO, Dorian, had the luxury of choosing the investors who best aligned with our vision. 

The sheer volume of interest was a testament to the strength of our business model and growth potential. Dorian meticulously reviewed each prospect, ensuring that those selected not only brought capital but also shared our passion for innovation and commitment to revolutionizing the revenue workspace

This strategic selection process allowed us to partner with investors who are truly in sync with our long-term goals, setting the stage for a collaborative and successful journey ahead.

Why did we Decide to do a Brand Refresh into a Candy Machine?

At ZELIQ, one of our core values is "ship fast, learn, improve, repeat," and this principle guided us when we built our initial branding in under a month. Our first theme was astronomical, and it was well-received by the public. However, we wanted something more unique and appealing to the American market, so we brainstormed new ideas and ultimately chose the Candy Machine.

The Candy Machine concept is simple: users put a coin into the machine (ZELIQ app), and out comes candy (prospects).

The candy can also represents our features, all neatly packaged in one machine (solutio). The final interpretition is that the machine symbolizes our community, while the candies are our stakeholders, showcasing how everyone is an integral part of ZELQ.

Moreover the Candies are more fun & colourful which give us more creative diversity to play with for design & marketing.

To complete the new branding, we've also refreshed our logo with a bubble gum favicon. Read more about our brand refresh here!

The Future Of ZELIQ

  • Empowering Revenue Teams to Target the Right Leads:We will enhance our platform with advanced data analytics to identify and prioritize high-potential prospects with precision.

  • Streamlining Sales Processes within ZELIQ: Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that allows sales teams to manage their entire sales process seamlessly within ZELIQ, from initial contact to closing the deal.

  • Expanding into the US Market: We aim to establish a strong presence in the US market through targeted marketing, strategic partnerships, and local talent acquisition.

  • Making AI a Trusted Companion for Sales Reps: AI will support sales reps by automating repetitive tasks, providing insights, and offering intelligent recommendations, allowing them to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

  • Providing a Gamified and Motivating User Experience: By incorporating gamification elements, we aim to make the sales experience more engaging and rewarding, motivating our users to achieve higher performance and satisfaction.

With these strategic initiatives, we are confident that we will continue to lead the way in sales innovation, delivering unparalleled value to our customers and achieving remarkable growth in the year ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates, follow us on socials and download our chrome extension to see us continue to push boundaries and reshape the revenue workspace sector! 

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