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The brightest tool for salesZELIQ has 1 goal:
Make Selling Easy

Let's embark on this journey together! Here unfolds our cosmic tale.


  • Dorian Ciavarella


    ESCP Business School

    CEO at Hivency (acquired by Skeepers/PSG)

    7M€ ARR in less than 5 years. GM Europe at Skeepers

    Board member/CEO advisor/Investor/LPs (Xange, Galion)

  • Guillaume Cruz


    Audiencia business school

    Ex Accenture + Ex Big 4

    Former CFO of 2 french Tier 1 VC backed company

    Sold company to a french scale-up


ZELIQ is an in one sales solution that gives you the most accurate prospect data and makes outreach as autopilot as possible.
With ZELIQ you have all of your sales toolstack placed in 1 single platform eliminating the need to switch from 1 tool stack to another.

We have mapped up the most efficient way for business developers to work, giving you the automation you need starting from finding the right list of prospects, their contact detail & outreaching to them.
With our AI technology we want to accompany you in every steps of the way, making sales as easy as possible.

We integrate with your favourite tools:

Mission & Vision

To empower sales teams by revealing accurate prospect data and turning them into clients.

To create a revolutionizing sales solution that every company needs & loves.


The Name Zeliq comes from the word “Zenith” & “IQ”.
Zenith refers to the time at which something is most powerful or successful or the highest point of the celestial sphere.
IQ refers to the intelligent tool act that as an copilot for SDR's.

The Team

We are a team of 30 passionate ZELIQ-on who are obsessed with sales and technology.


The SalesTech landscape is more dynamic than ever before and it's experiencing exponential growth, as seen across E.U. and the U.S. That said, the ZELIQ team has a strong track record of building dynamic products that unlock the full benefits of these opportunities.

Alban Oudin, Partner and Co-Founder of Resonance.

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