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FoundersMore sales in less time

As a busy entrepreneur, streamline your sales process with efficiency using ZELIQ.

  • Find key contacts in just a few clicks

  • Enrich with them directly from LinkedIn or Zeliq

  • Engage them in minutes, with multichannel sequences

We integrate with your favourite tools:

Find key contacts in just a few clicks

ZELIQ uses a waterfall workflow, by going from one provider to another to enrich your contacts, ensuring you find the most updated and accurate prospect information.

Help you verify email addresses, reducing outdated ones and boosting email deliverability by 94%, optimizing conversion rates for your outreach.

With an 80% success rate for emails and 53% for phone numbers, our approach ensures effective communication with your prospects.

Save 3+ Hours Daily by Autonomizing Your Sales Tasks

ZELIQ will help you autominize your entire sales process from omnichannel outreach to prospecting.

Set it up within minutes, ensuring you never miss a task or email follow-up for your prospects.

With +450m leads, we never run out of candy

Our real-time search engine will give you the most up-to-date and accurate data.

Maximise Savings by Streamlining Your Toolstack with ZELIQ

Imagine not paying for sales multiple tools, instead of juggling various outreach tools like LinkedIn automation and email sequencing, you can have it all in one platform.

With ZELIQ’s already competitive pricing we will ensure you'll get the best bang for your buck!


Prior to ZELIQ, I was using a lot of tools in Danim to get prospects and do outreach. But now, we are mainly using ZELIQ. The tool has everything and its AI has helped me automate so many sales processes. We get 10x more deal with ZELIQ.

I’ve played with the Beta and if you’re looking to supercharge your sales efforts, I recommend Zeliq. While giving the best enriched prospect results, it also makes outreach way easier with everything available in 1 place.

Danyl HASSIM | CEO Danim

  • The Outreach features that Entrepreneurs needs

    Find and engage leads, thanks to the most accurate data (phones, email, AI...)

  • The Performance features that Entrepreneurs needs

    Everything you need to sell is on Zeliq (LinkedIn extension, multichannel sequences...)

WoooooshThe sugar boost you need to grow.

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