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ZELIQ is your all in one sales engagement platform, providing precise prospect data and facilitating omnichannel outreach.

Explore our 450+ Million database, instantly add LinkedIn (and Sales Navigator) leads, sync CRM contacts or upload a CSV file of leads effortlessly.

Our automated enrichment and waterfall technology ensure the most accurate and up-to-date email and phone numbers.

Connect with your clients through phone calls, email sequences, and LinkedIn messages.

With ZELIQ, streamline your entire sales tool stack into a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between different tools.

Company Story

ZELIQ was created early 2023 by Dorian (CEO, ex. Hivency co-founder) and Guillaume (COO).

Dorian joined several company as board member/ business angel and identified the same pain for almost all of them: the lack of outbound culture.

He decided to create ZELIQ in order to provide a SaaS solution that will help companies to resolve this pain in a hybrid work environment. To reach the ambition to be the SaaS sales tech leader, he has to find the best co-founders and so he asked Guillaume to join him in this future unicorn.

Our mission is to empower sales teams by revealing accurate prospect data and converting them into clients. We basically want to create a revolutionizing sales solution, powered by AI, that every company needs & loves.


Our mascot, the candy machine, is a simple concept. Users put a coin into the machine (ZELIQ app), and outcomes candy (prospects). The candy represents our features, all neatly packaged in one machine/solution.

The machine also symbolizes our community, while the candies are our stakeholders (clients, partners, investors, employees, supporters, etc.), showcasing how everyone is an integral part of ZELIQ.

The name ZELIQ is combination of 3 concepts we felt resonated with the company, our mission & vision.


  • Our brand revolves around the word sweet or sugar, we would spell sweet with a Z - “The Zugar you need…” or “Zweeten your… etc.


  • The L makes the name rhyme with the word “selling"

IQ — short for intelligence quotient

  • Intelligence tool that act as an copilot for SDR's

  • The Q also shows futurism and “quickness”

The Executive Committee & Team

Dorian Ciavarella, CEO & Co-Founder

Dorian graduated from ESCP Business School. He has been passionate about entrepreneurship & started several businesses prior to ZELIQ. His most successful venture was as a Co-Founder & CEO at Hivency - a social platform that brings influencers & brands together. Hivency earned 7M€ ARR (mostly through cold calling) in less than 5 years & was eventually acquired by Skeepers/PSG.

Dorian became a millionaire at the age of 30 and worked as SVP Europe at Skeepers. However, his true passion still lies in entrepreneurship & he’s most enthusiastic about selling.

Hence, he created ZELIQ, an all-in-one sales solution. He believes that the sales-tech industry is changing rapidly and ZELIQ can be the #1 player in the market.

Guillaume Cruz, COO & Co-Founder

Guillaume graduated from Audencia Business School.

He started his career at Accenture and the Big 4 accounting firm (EY). He was the former CFO of two French Tier 1 VC-backed companies.

Guillaume joined Hivency as CFO in 2020 and met Dorian during this time. He was tasked with handling the finances when the company was sold.

Besides numbers, Guillaume is also passionate about products, particularly in the sales technology space. Hence, when ZELIQ was born, he jumped on the idea and decided to lead the operational part of the company.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Checkout our brand guidelines and learn how to use our brand. From logo, to colors and font, you'll have the details in this document.

Other Team Photos

Company Values


We value a culture of ownership and believe empowering our employees to take ownership of their work and contribution to the company is essential to our success. Therefore, we encourage our employees to be proactive and take the initiative in their roles, providing them with the autonomy and resources they need to succeed.

Pushing oneself to new heights

We encourage our employees to push themselves individually and collectively in pursuit of deliverability, innovation and excellence. By challenging ourselves and each other, we can achieve tremendous success and drive our company to new heights.

High ambition

We value ambition and believe that setting and working towards personal and professional goals is essential to growth. Therefore, we encourage our employees to be highly ambitious in their career development and support them in achieving their goals. At the same time, we are ambitious as a company and strive to be the best in our industry.

Radical candor

We practice radical candor and believe in being transparent and direct in our communication, even when it's difficult or uncomfortable. This level of honesty and openness is essential for building trust and fostering a positive work environment. We encourage our employees to speak up and share their thoughts and ideas, providing them with the support and feedback they need to grow and succeed.

Team spirit

Our successes and failures are collective. To achieve excellence, we recognize that teamwork is essential. We attach great importance to meeting regularly for ideal team cohesion.

Ship fast, learn, improve, repeat

We believe in swiftly delivering impactful solutions to our customers, enabling us to gather real-world feedback and insights rapidly. This agile approach ensures we constantly learn from our experiences, iteratively improving our products and services. By embracing this cycle of swift execution, insightful learning, and relentless improvement, we stay ahead in a fast-paced market, always striving to exceed our customers' expectations and drive meaningful results.

Mission & Vision


To empower sales teams by revealing accurate prospect data and converting them into clients


To create a revolutionizing sales solution that every company needs & loves.

Our Tagline

“Sweeten your sales experience”

Value Proposition

"Your sugar boost to find, enrich and engage leads"


Lead Generation

Access our 450 Million validated database or sync existing leads. Benefit from an 80% email and 40% phone number success rate, ensuring high deliverability for your outreach efforts.


Find unlimited emails for free and B2B phone numbers! We use waterfall workflow to find the most updated and accurate contact information. Enrich your leads directly from LinkedIn or in ZELIQ.

All-in-1 Outreach Platform

Reach out to your prospects through integrated VOIP for calling, LinkedIn Messaging,  or emailing directly from ZELIQ.

Have all of their calls tracked and recorded & have the status of your leads directly on their profile.

Cut your sales tools spending in half when you use ZELIQ.

LinkedIn Integration

Add individual or multiple prospects from LinkedIn to ZELIQ in just one click.

You can also view their attributes, generate personality, assign them and do quick action all while still on LinkedIn. All these actions helps sales reps save +3 hours daily.

Email Automation & Sequences

Set up automated email sequences within minutes! 

Have control on which lead statuses you want to send them to, choose the number of emails, time delay and select the days that you want to send the emails on. 

Your email activity is organized, timely follow-ups are sent and metrics are tracked - all on one platform. 

CRM & CSV Integration 

Simply synchronize your CRM & upload your CSV in order to have them enriched and updated by ZELIQ.

All your activities will be synchronised to your CRM, ensuring no information left behind.

AI-Personality Analysis

Our AI will generate your lead’s personality and shows "Do"s & "Don't"s when communicating with prospects.

Organization Leads

Import, enrich, group statuses for all of your leads in 1 place. Assign and add tasks to your team with 1 click.

Contact Information

We're always happy and ready to help with any questions you may have!

Email laurap@zeliq.com to discuss interview arrangement, partnerships or request original materials.

WoooooshThe sugar boost you need to grow.

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