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A Step by Step Guide to Warm Your Leads Before Cold Calling

by Laura Patricia


Mar 4, 2024

Warm Leads Generating Higher Conversion Rates

Are you tired of rejection?

With the average cold calling success rate hovering around 2%, it becomes important to adopt a strategy that makes prospects at least lukewarm before reaching out to them. As potential prospects get more familiarized with the brand, the likelihood of converting them into a sale increases, emphasizing the importance of cultivating relationships and interest before making the cold call.

Building Trust in Sales 

Establishing trust stands out as a crucial element in the sales cycle, and turning leads from cold to warm can pave the way for this trust-building process. The goal is to subtly introduce potential clients to the product and service, instigating a frequency illusion with the anticipation that they will trust and express interest in the offering.

Effective Ways to Turn Cold Leads to Warm

1. Email Sequencing

Let's be honest, although email sequencing isn’t the most effective way to hook your prospects in, it helps to familiarize them with your brand. Implementing an email sequence streamlines the process for sales representatives, saving valuable time, but also generates automatic, personalized emails to potential leads, thereby significantly enhancing customer engagement and increasing brand awareness.

2. Sending Personalized Emails

Sending personalized emails is crucial in the competitive landscape of reaching prospects. With inboxes flooded daily, grabbing attention is essential. Personalization is a demonstration that you've invested time in understanding your prospects. This not only boosts engagement metrics but also ensures high deliverability, reducing the risk of your emails ending up in their spam or junk mailbox. It's about making a connection that resonates in the cluttered world of emails. 

Nowadays personalizing emails doesn’t stop at simply the prospects first name and company name, you can personalize them through the leads:

  • Recent social media activity

  • Companies Industry

  • University

  • Voice and tone 

3. Reaching out on Social Media Platforms

Engaging with potential clients on social media platforms, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, serves as a subtle yet effective strategy to subconsciously introduce your company and offerings. This outreach can take various forms, including connecting with or following potential clients, as well as liking or commenting on their posts. Social media engagement serves to make them increasingly aware of your brand, establishing a presence that may pique their interest and initiate a potential connection.

4. Social Selling Platforms/Sales CRMs

Leveraging social selling platforms proves to be a valuable tool in the process of warming up prospects more efficiently. These sales CRM platforms facilitate engagement with potential clients on their social media channels, transforming cold prospects into warm leads. An example of such a platform is Breakcold, which goes beyond conventional CRM functionalities. Breakcold is a sales CRM where, within the CRM, you can engage your prospects with LinkedIn. From one platform you can like (1), comment (2) and send messages (3) to prospects rapidly. By doing so, it helps sales representatives in bypassing extensive prospect research. Additionally, Breakcold integrates curated social feeds directly into the sales CRM system, ensuring that your B2B contacts are consistently top of mind, fostering a more meaningful and warmed-up relationship.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Prospects Warm !

Elevate your outreach strategy by employing automated email sequences to transform ice-cold leads into warm opportunities, ultimately boosting brand awareness. Follow the comprehensive guide below to seamlessly guide your clients through this transition:

  1. Interact with prospects on LinkedIn using a Sales CRM like Breakcold to like or comment on posts.

  2. After establishing an interaction, add their profile directly from LinkedIn to ZELIQ. (Please see video tutorial here)

  3. Enrich the lead to find phone numbers and email addresses. 

  4. Set up an automatic email sequence consisting of 3 emails, spaced 3-4 days apart each. Here are some email sequencing tips: 

The 1st email in the sequence should highlight recent activity seen on LinkedIn and how your company can add value to the prospect. 

Subject: We recently connected on LinkedIn

Hi [Firstname]

I saw on LinkedIn that you moved to a new position, congrats! To start off your new position you’ll need to adapt to a new process to boost your [insert business goal] 

The 2nd email should emphasize the benefits of your company to the prospect and a call to action. 

Subject: [Your Company Name] can help you [Insert benefit]!

Hi [Firstname], 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could [eg. save 5 hours per week and significantly improve the productivity of the entire team]?  

The 3rd email should contain a strong call to action such as a demo, free trial etc. or a suggestion to pass this email onto someone who would be interested in the product/service.

Subject: Click here to try [Your Company Name] for 10 days free! 

Hi again [First name]! 

Competitor 1, Competitor 2 and Competitor 3 all use [Product]

Why don’t you join them! Try it out for 10 days free…

Or if you can redirect me to the ideal contact within your company that would be greatly appreciated. 

5. Plan out your next steps for when your lead is warm, for example assigning them to an AE a call or a retargeting ad with clear CTA for self-service product.

6. You can also push your positive replies from ZELIQ back to Breakcold to nurture your leads using socials.

7.Turn the leads in your sales pipeline into closed deals. For this, you can check out these 22 sales pipeline templates to build a stellar closing process.


Slightly warming up cold leads is essential for boosting sales conversion and building trust. Strategies like personalized emails, email sequencing, social media engagement and social selling platforms are effective ways to streamline the sales cycle.

If interested in email sequencing head to zeliq.com!

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