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OutreachAll-in-One Multichannel Outreach.

Have all of your sales toolstack placed all in one single platform eliminating the need to switch from one tool stack to another. Let ZELIQ's automation do it's magic.

Multichannel sequenceLaunch sales sequences that get lead replies.

Set up automated sequences for emails, LinkedIn messages & call tasks within minutes! Have control on which lead statuses you want to send it to, choose the number of emails, time delay and select the days that you want to send the emails on.

Your email activity is organized, timely follow-ups are sent and metrics are tracked

voip phoningCreate Multiple Sales Touch-Points.

Reach out to your prospects through omni-channel outreach using integrated VOIP (such as Aircall or Ringover) for calling, emailing and LinkedIn Messaging (soon) directly from ZELIQ.

Have all of their calls tracked and recorded & have the status of your leads directly on their profile.

email deliverability checkEmail Deliverability Has Never Been Better

Our AI uses email debouncing technology to verify and identify the most updated professional email of your prospect.

We will indicate this with a checkmark and a “pro” badge. This ensures a higher conversion rate and prevents your email domain from being flagged as spam.

lead generationDirectly Add Leads into an existing Sequence

Whether you're adding leads through Hubspot synchronization, our search feature or CSV import, once they're on "My Leads" you can add them into an existing sequence in 1-click.

You can also add them in existing sequence directly from Linkedin. Adding leads to sequence has never been easier.

WoooooshThe sugar boost you need to grow.

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